Health & Skin Care Gloves

Healthcare and skin care related 1. Moisture Therapy Gloves/Socks: Cotton and spandex blended. Designed to maximize hand/foot moisturization. 2. Reflexology Gloves/Socks: Cotton and spandex blended. 3. Arthritis & Pain Relief Gloves: Nylon and spandex blended. 4. Anti-allergenic Gloves: 100% cotton, latex free, for dermatological use. 5. Edema Control Glove: Nylon and Lycra blended.

Dress Gloves Fashion Gloves

Allfun carries velvet, terry and woolen gloves for autumn / winter use. Light gloves for spring and summer use. Used as fashion apparel accessories. Most gloves come in lady and child styles. Also have men's gloves for formal occasions.

General Hand Protective Gloves

For safety, gardening, working,inspection or other general purpose hand protections. Made of Lycra spandex, cotton interlock, stretch nylon, string knitted and more. Some gloves with PVC dots for sure grip purpose.

Polar Fleece Winter Gloves

Material: 100% anti-pilling polar fleece.Fabric weight from 180 -280g/m2. Color and design according to customers requirements. Glove style comes in unisex and child.

Knitted Winter Gloves

Available in cotton, wool, acrylic, cashmere, mohair, rayon, linen, nylon,silk and other blended materials We offer various colors, styles, and patterns to meet customized needs. Different knitting gauges available upon requests

Antistatic & Cleanroom Gloves

Fabric (cut and sewn) or Knitted. Main Material in Nylon, Polyester, Poly/Cotton, etc. Widely used in clean room, static control and general assembly. Offer maximum dexterity for delicate and precise tasks.

Wedding Bridal Evening Gloves

Wedding glove, bridal glove, evening glove, prom glove, formal glove, satin glove, matte satin glove, spandex glove, Flowergirl glove, Communion glove and more. Various styles and colors. Decorated with pearl, rhinestone, crystal.

Wedding Accessories

Include wedding veils, bridal lingerie, garter belt and other accessories related to weddings.

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